Cancer central founding partner of the Cancer Platform

Cancer Central is a Founding Partner of the
Cancer Awareness Trust.

We’ve joined other Founding Partners to support their cancer movement and the creation of Cancer Platform.

If you are looking for cancer information and support, please click through to the Cancer Platform.

Cancer Central was created from over 70,000 donated hours, volunteer time from over 300 individuals and 60 organisations.

Our Greatest Hits video is a dedication to everyone who supported us.

Thank you so much!

Our insights and expertise will live on.

Everything we have learnt together over 6 years is being used in support of a shared mission, to improve the lives of those affected by cancer.

final report 2023 - 2024

Our mission was to help people affected by cancer to find the support and information they needed.

Cancer Central C.I.O. was a registered charity in England and Wales No. 1202482.

Residual funds have been transferred to Brain Tumour Research in memory of Nicole (Registered charity number 1153487 in England and Wales, and SC046840 in Scotland).

This domain is now voluntarily managed by M Mallett, to maintain the legacy of Cancer Central following its closure.